How can we build the future of healthcare today?

How can we work together to radically transform the healthcare delivery system? How can we accelerate the adoption of beneficial technologies in healthcare?

HT3 is a consulting firm dedicated to working with the purchasers of, developers of and investors in new and emerging technologies that are expected to drive fundamental change and opportunity in the healthcare system over the next decade.

We are healthcare technology and service experts.  Our expertise is in evaluating, designing, developing and implementing healthcare products, programs, services and technologies. We have a proven track record of translating the theoretical, conceptual and the cutting edge into concrete programs and technologies that improve business performance and health outcomes. We have expertise in:

  • Telehealth and Telemedicine
  • Mobile and Wireless Health
  • Patient Activation, Engagement and Behavior Change
  • Intelligent Medical Systems 

If you are embarking on a strategy that involves any of these technologies or want to understand how these technologies should be shaping your company’s strategy, you should be working with HT3.  To contact us, click here.