Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovations

2014. Design and Engineering Award Honoree. For "NOT ME" Online Diabetes Prevention Program developed in collaboration with Jiff, Inc. for United Health Group. "NOT ME" is a lifestyle modification program based on the Center for Disease Control's Diabetes Prevention Program.

Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award

2013. Health Environment/Science category winner. For Project NOT ME's episode "Take Charge" which was part of a 16-episode video-on-demand series. The reality TV series followed 6 adults who were at high-risk for developing Diabetes as they went through a Diabetes Prevention Program. The series was developed by United Health Group and Comcast Corporation in collaboration with HODDER (a television production company) and Haberman (a marketing agency).  

Aetna and
Rock Health

2012. Most Innovative Design RFP Live Design. Member of the winning agency team, which resulted in an ongoing design contract for the agency Azul7.

California College of the Arts

2012. Leader of winning design team for CCA's "Healthcare Redesigned: Iron Designer Charrette". 

DMAA Quality Impact Award

2009. Most Innovative Program Design or Delivery - LifeMasters Supported SelfCare's innovative use of the Patient Activation Measure survey tool as part of an integrated coaching model resulted in a 33% decline in hospital admissions and a 22% decline in emergency visits. This translated into a savings of $145 per participant per month in hospital admissions and $11 per participant per month savings in emergency visits.