“NOT ME” Online Diabetes Prevention Program. A virtual diabetes prevention lifestyle modification program based on the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program Developed in collaboration with Jiff, Inc. for United Health Group’s Center for Health Reform and Modernization. Included interactive content, game mechanics and the ability for teams to meet in a virtual classroom led by a live coach. 

Intensive Outpatient Care Program (IOCP). Developed success criteria, readiness strategy and tools to support implementation of Pacific Business Group on Health’s Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation grant in 25 delivery systems. Collaborating with PBGH to adapt and implement the IOCP for their Members’ high-risk, commercial populations.

Active Intervention Model (AIM). Patented technology platform for disease management programs. Automatically generated personalized care plans for hundreds of thousands of program participants based on their claims, biometric and self-reported information. This allowed for targeted risk factor management across large populations of people. Multiple user specific portals and associated business processes supported nurses, health educators, program participants, physicians, payer administrators, enrollment specialists and external referral and resource partners. 

Population health management analytic model. Segmented population and targeted interventions according to clinical profile, demographic, behavioral and other characteristics.