“Elise was hired by our firm to help us “think through” an innovative, new product in the medical technology space using big data. The size of the idea alone was daunting but the initial thinking on how to operationalize it was overwhelmingly complex and challenging. My experience with consultants is that they are either “big idea” thinkers or process wonks. With Elise we got both. Not only did she improve our big idea through her in-depth knowledge of healthcare technology and her creative out of the box thinking but then she was able to create a very detailed plan to make this product a reality. For my money, I got two consultants for the price of one. I highly recommend Elise– she’s one of the smartest, cost- effective consultants I’ve ever worked with.”
— Bill Broderick, VP Marketing and Outcomes Research
“We couldn’t move our project forward without Elise. Our project, which requires coordination across internal departments, and interaction with external customers, had been stalled for over a year. Elise drove us to clarify action steps, gain agreements and staffed the work - she did whatever had to be done to make sure we were successful.”
— Diane Stewart, Senior Director/PBGH
We sought out HT3 to assist us in performing due diligence for an investment in a Healthcare IT company. We sought their expert assistance in assessing both the company software development strategy, as well as compatibility of the product concept with clinical practice. HT3`s consultants provided us with a clear and critical assessment of the state of our future portfolio company`s software development plan, as well as a strategy, which the company has largely executed on to this day. HT3`s insights in the relationship of the company`s performance metrics analysis tools to hospital clinical routines were also valuable guides to us in adjusting the business strategy. Based on this experience, we would unqualifiedly recommend HT3 as a consulting partner and look forward to working with their team again in the future.
— Founding Partner, Aeris Capital